Boomi for Healthcare and Life Sciences

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Drag-and-Drop to Integrate Processes and Build a Connected Business or Healthcare Enterprise.

Easily Share Information With Your Entire Network:  Boomi provides comprehensive capabilities for transferring data between healthcare partners. You can easily map data from any system into a HL7 document,combine or separate multiple records, and manage communications with your partner network using Boomi EDI.

Modernize to Meet the Needs of 21st Century Healthcare: Seamlessly move data between devices, patient-facing applications, and back-end systems. Boomi can solve all your data management needs, whether its implementing point-to-point integration through our connectors or web services, as well as creating and publishing APIs.  

Enforce Data Quality Across All Systems: Ensuring Compliance with healthcare regulations requires strict data quality oversight.  Boomi Master Data Management allows you to define data governance rules the are used to validate, correct or update records across all your information systems, whether cloud-based or on-premises.