Secureworks Counter Threat Platform™

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SaaS-based early-warning system that delivers insights and deploys countermeasures, derived from analytics and applied intelligence.  With a vendor-neutral approach, Secureworks Counter Threat Platform™ enables you to enhance your existing IT security infrastructure and “best of breed” technologies with our solutions and capabilities.

With global visibility across 4,400 client environments in more than 55 countries worldwide, the Secureworks Counter Threat Platform delivers the qualitative and quantitative, network-aware intelligence that helps our clients make educated, informed decisions in real-time.

With this unique approach, you do not have to throw out your existing investments to leverage the power of the Secureworks Counter Threat Platform.  Highly trained analysts and experts scour through thousands of information sources daily, to paint a picture of the threat actors and their tradecraft from across the globe, so that we can identify cyber threats as they emerge providing:

  • Identification of emerging threat tactics, techniques, and procedures
  • Development of countermeasures
  • Security orchestration and resolution